Real Estate CPA

We know that real estate investors and real estate development companies have specific tax and accounting needs. Our Real Estate CPA team specializes in meeting the complex needs of the real estate industry. Whether you are an individual investor who owns a small rental property or a commercial development company, I&U CPA can provide knowledge and advice for your tax and business planning needs that will help you compete in today’s marketplace.

We service a wide range of clients across the industry, including commercial and residential real estate developers, real estate investors, general contractors and construction companies, architects and engineers, condo associations, and property management companies. Our Real Estate CPA team helps our clients address the most common issues real estate industry professionals face during the acquisition, development, management, and eventual sale or exchange of property.

At I&U CPA, we understand that construction professionals are confronted with job-cost overruns, bonding requirements, taxation and accounting changes, changing regulations, and competition. Our Real Estate CPAs are here to meet the specific needs of contractors, home builders and related trades within the construction, real estate and development industries. Because we truly understand construction accounting and financial management, contractors and developers of all sizes and different trades rely upon our experience.

Real Estate CPA Cost Segregation Solutions:

Your company’s real estate holdings constitute a huge capital investment. Cost segregation studies accelerate income tax deductions, providing you with maximum cash flow. With I&U CPA’s engineering-based cost segregation studies, you maximize your real property’s financial return by generating significant cash flow savings. Our cost segregation professionals generate cash savings by carving out shorter-lived assets (qualifying for 5, 7, or 15 year write-off periods) that are normally imbedded into a building’s construction or acquisition costs (generally depreciated over 27.5 or 39 years).

The IRS allows taxpayers to use a cost segregation study to adjust depreciation on properties placed in service as far back as January 1, 1987.

I&U CPA’s professionals works with specially trained engineers who have the skills and expertise required to produce high-quality studies that withstand IRS scrutiny. On average, a cost segregation study can allocate 10 – 30% of the depreciable cost basis of a property to a shorter recovery period.

Real Estate CPA tax & accounting services include:

Whether you are looking for a Real Estate Development CPA, a Construction CPA, or or a CPA who understands real estate management, real estate syndication and real estate leasing companies, we have you covered. I&U CPA can assist you or your business with your residential property or commercial property whether it be a rental condo or a complex real estate partnership.

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    Hedge Fund CPA

    With changing market conditions and increasing regulatory concerns, I&U CPA offers tax and accounting services combined with personal attention to help financial services companies meet and exceed their business objectives and to ensure that they are compliant with the unique, complex and often changing terms of fund reporting, tax, and accounting. Our Hedge Fund CPA team specializes in tax issues that affect Hedge Funds, Private Equity Firms, Venture Capital Funds, Securities Traders, with U.S. and foreign reporting requirements. I&U CPA’s hedge fund tax and accounting services help our hedge fund clients plan strategically to minimize their investors’ tax burdens, comply with regulatory filing requirements and meet their financial goals.

    We focus on proactive planning to address concerns on the horizon before they become an issue, enabling our clients to better concentrate on investment performance. Our Hedge Fund CPA services provide the appropriate tax and accounting advice to meet investment community’s needs whether that means ensuring full compliance in tax reporting, minimizing tax exposure, fund administration or evaluating acquisition targets to assess the viability of an acquisition.

    Our clients include funds that are in a master-feeder structure, fund of funds and stand alone funds, which invest in a wide array of financial instruments, including long short equities, international equities, options, debt securities including mortgage backed securities, foreign currencies, futures contracts, distressed securities and real estate investments.

    While Hedge Fund ownership can provide significant investment opportunities, the complexity created due to cash flow, valuation, distribution, diversification and transfers can result in significant tax planning needs.

    If your Hedge Fund is between $5MM – $25MM AUM, keep reading because you can benefit from our services and low cost fees. I&U CPA may give investors added assurance and confidence that may help in the marketing process. We provide following services for $3,000/month (our monthly minimum fee) assuming our services commence at the beginning of fund’s fiscal year.

    Hedge Fund CPA Accounting and Administration:

    • Record trade and non-investment transactions
    • Maintain fund’s primary books and records
    • Record receipt or payment of dividends and interest
    • Process corporate actions
    • Record interest received/paid on cash credit/debit balances
    • Record all trading and bank account activity
    • Record fees and rebates
    • Review and follow-up on trade exceptions with the client, broker, and counter-party
    • Reconcile cash, positions, and market values with the custodian(s), prime brokers, and clients
    • Calculate management and performance allocation/fee in accordance with fund documents
    • Process investor transactions
    • Allocate profit and loss to individual investors and share classes
    • Prepare monthly financial statements
      1. Balance sheet
      2. Statement of operations
      3. Investor reports
    • Prepare investor statements and distribute to investors via secure client web portal and/or mail
    • Prepare draft financial statements
    • Liaise with auditors to facilitate the annual audit

    Hedge Fund CPA Tax Management:

    • Maintain capital accounts for all partners, on both an economic and tax basis
    • Prepare partner tax allocations
    • Track built-in gain (loss) on contributed securities and mandatory Sec. 754 basis adjustment calculations
    • Prepare and file federal and state income tax returns for the fund, including K-1 reporting
    • Analysis of investments for compliance with wash sale and straddle rules
    • Analysis of income for proper classification under mark-to-market, 1256, 988 and other special rules
    • Section 475 election if appropriate
    • U.S. tax reporting and compliance for foreign investors including tax withholding based on U.S. tax treaties
    • U.S. tax reporting and compliance of foreign investments such as PFICs, including consideration of the Excess Distribution regime, Mark-to-Market regime, and the Qualified Electing Fund (QEF) regime
    • Calculation of withholding of state income taxes
    • Calculation of unrelated business taxable income

    When you are looking for an accountant for your Hedge Fund, Venture Capital firm, or Private Equity group, or an accounting firm for your Family Office, Small Business Investment Company, or Fund of Funds, our experienced Hedge Fund CPAs and professionals at I&U CPA can help. Contact us today for a free consultation. Let us show you how we can add value to your business.


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      Apparel CPA

      Whether you are a small start-up or a large corporation, you know that today’s global marketplace presents the NY Apparel Manufacturing industry with both many challenges and opportunities. Customers demand better products, but they want them faster and at a lower cost. Technological changes, increasing regulations, and heightened international competition pose additional threats. Our NY Apparel CPA team has the experience with these issues and can help you make the most of this complex business environment. Our NY Apparel Accountants assist designers, manufacturers, retailers, and distributors in navigating the ever changing apparel industry.

      As Garment & Apparel CPA, we understand that profitability is about efficiency and effectiveness. We have a deep and thorough understanding of the intricacies of the industry including factoring and international trade.

      Apparel CPA tax & accounting services include:

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        medical CPA

        With costs rising and reimbursements declining, you need a financial partner who can help you improve cash flow and profitability, maximize tax savings and plan for your future. As accountants and CPAs for medical clinics in NY, our Medical CPA team specializes in the healthcare industry and not only understand how medical practices operate, but we understand the key issues facing your industry. Through dependable and accurate financial reporting, we can help you make better management decisions. We can help you manage the business side of things so that you can concentrate on your patients. Our experienced Medical CPA team can evaluate all aspects of your organization and design a plan to maximize efficiency and profit.

        I&U CPA is dedicated to serving the needs of doctors, dentists, physician groups, and other healthcare providers from sole practitioners to large medical groups. We pride ourselves on providing services designed to simplify the business side of your practice so you can focus on what is most important: patient care.

        Our proactive counsel helps you comply with changing regulations, and we assist you in taking advantage of the potential tax benefits afforded by law. We help health care business owners and their family members interpret complex rules and develop appropriate tax strategies.

        Medical CPA tax & accounting services include:

        Our objective is to insure a financially strong future for you, your practice, and your family. If you’d like to receive more information about our Medical Practice services, please complete the form below.


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          restaurant CPA

          The NY restaurant industry has been facing many challenges in today’s marketplace. We recognize the unique circumstances restaurants, private clubs, and catering industry are facing, from dealing with a turbulent real estate market to assessing changing population demographics and societal changes. We work hard to make your life easier and your day-to-day financial operations virtually worry-free. Our NY Restaurant CPA team work together with you and proactively seek ways to improve your restaurant business or franchise. Our focus is to help restaurant owners maximize profits by controlling costs and reducing taxes, while freeing up more time for family.

          There are many accounting issues that are unique to restaurants. Whether it is about tip reporting, food and liquor costs,  a sales tax audit, or franchising activities, our Restaurant CPA and business consultants can help. Our NY tax accountants understand the restaurant industry and can help increase your bottom line.

          Restaurant bookkeeping can be tedious and time consuming activity which many restaurant owners do not have the luxury to deal with. Restaurant tax preparation or dealing with IRS may even be beyond the ability of most restaurant owners. We offer tax planning, tax preparation, and IRS audit representation. For restaurant owners seeking to expand, we offer strategic business planning and projection as well as business valuation services. Our CPAs can provide the types of information that banks, leasing companies and other potential investors look at. We will even help create bank presentations and coach you through the process. For restaurant owners looking for an exit strategy, we can show you the areas of your financial reports that buyers focus on when evaluating an operation as an acquisition target.  Our NY small business accountant and restaurant CPA team can help you present your financial results in the most attractive light, and show you how your numbers match up. All of these services can be provided a la carte or can be bundled together to create a customized package of services.

          NY Restaurant CPA tax & accounting services include:

          I&U CPA offers restaurant accounting and tax services for restaurants of all sizes and styles. From fast food to fine dining, from single outlet to multi-unit businesses, we have the ability to handle all your restaurant accounting needs.

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            art & entertainment CPA

            Whether you are just opening the doors to your photography studio, or have an established media production company or an advertising agency with a large staff, our Art & Entertainment CPA team can help minimize your tax burden while maximizing your wealth. We understand the evolution of creative services in a digital world. Our creative art field expertise and specialized technical skills will be a solution for the unique tax and accounting challenges you face, and will add value and enhance your business.

            Our business consultants and creative art CPA team understand not only what you do, but everything that comes along with it. I&U CPA can help you spend more time on developing your talents and practice while we handle your accounting, general ledgers, banking and tax functions.

            I&U CPA can be your single source for not only taxes, accounting, wealth planning, royalties, and business management, but also for the once in a lifetime issues such as contract review and endorsement negotiations. We can easily complement the services you’re getting with existing agents, bankers, financial managers and attorneys to ensure your interests are always fully represented.

            Art & Entertainment CPA tax & accounting services include:

            Our CPAs and staff are always available to answer your questions and help you make smart, informed decisions about your business and money. We are an experienced CPA firm to manage your personal, business, and professional affairs.

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