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We know that real estate investors and real estate development companies have specific tax and accounting needs. Our Real Estate CPA team specializes in meeting the complex needs of the real estate industry. Whether you are an individual investor who owns a small rental property or a commercial development company, I&U CPA can provide knowledge and advice for your tax and business planning needs that will help you compete in today’s marketplace.

We service a wide range of clients across the industry, including commercial and residential real estate developers, real estate investors, general contractors and construction companies, architects and engineers, condo associations, and property management companies. Our Real Estate CPA team helps our clients address the most common issues real estate industry professionals face during the acquisition, development, management, and eventual sale or exchange of property.

At I&U CPA, we understand that construction professionals are confronted with job-cost overruns, bonding requirements, taxation and accounting changes, changing regulations, and competition. Our Real Estate CPAs are here to meet the specific needs of contractors, home builders and related trades within the construction, real estate and development industries. Because we truly understand construction accounting and financial management, contractors and developers of all sizes and different trades rely upon our experience.

Real Estate CPA Cost Segregation Solutions:

Your company’s real estate holdings constitute a huge capital investment. Cost segregation studies accelerate income tax deductions, providing you with maximum cash flow. With I&U CPA’s engineering-based cost segregation studies, you maximize your real property’s financial return by generating significant cash flow savings. Our cost segregation professionals generate cash savings by carving out shorter-lived assets (qualifying for 5, 7, or 15 year write-off periods) that are normally imbedded into a building’s construction or acquisition costs (generally depreciated over 27.5 or 39 years).

The IRS allows taxpayers to use a cost segregation study to adjust depreciation on properties placed in service as far back as January 1, 1987.

I&U CPA’s professionals works with specially trained engineers who have the skills and expertise required to produce high-quality studies that withstand IRS scrutiny. On average, a cost segregation study can allocate 10 – 30% of the depreciable cost basis of a property to a shorter recovery period.

Real Estate CPA tax & accounting services include:

Whether you are looking for a Real Estate Development CPA, a Construction CPA, or or a CPA who understands real estate management, real estate syndication and real estate leasing companies, we have you covered. I&U CPA can assist you or your business with your residential property or commercial property whether it be a rental condo or a complex real estate partnership.

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